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October 23, 2013


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The Canadian province of Manitoba is a beautiful place in all seasons and is very picturesque. Some of Canada's nicest lakes and parks are located right here in Manitoba. As a serious photo enthusiast I enjoy taking my camera with me whenever I travel throughout the province. This web site is a collection of some of the photos I've captured that showcase the beauty of Manitoba. As I continue my travels and as I go through the thousands of photos in my collection I'll be adding more of them to the site. Feel free to peruse them and come back often since I'll be updating regularly. As I share my images of this place where we live and work perhaps you'll discover a part of Manitoba that you would like to visit to capture your own vision of this province on film. Please don't forget to pass any suggestions on to me of nice places I could visit with my camera in our delightful province.



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Web site design and all graphics and photos © 2005 - 2013 Stan Milosevic